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Idle hands idle minds

Growing up our time was scheduled. All of it. What we ate, what time we ate, how long we had to eat. The same with reading, praying, sleeping, study. It was all scheduled right down when and for how long.


Ever read how to do mind control? How to make someone malleable to your ideals. It has some similarities. Once I was in the world, in a real school with access to a real library I read a lot. About cults, Satanism, mind control, sociology, psychology, and of course romance. I loved the worlds I visited in books. I still do.


Back to the scheduled time and being busy. Once I was on my own and starting to get the hang of functioning as a responsible (adult) in the world. I began making money, paying rent, trying to cook for myself and learn how to be around people. I found out that they (the ones I knew) spent a lot of time sitting, watching TV. I didn’t understand it. I had difficulty following the humor as most show’s make references to things in life everyone knows as common knowledge. Unless you grow up locked away with no radio, newspapers, television, news or outside contact. A few years ago I was listening to a comic and got so excited because I GOT his jokes. I had been in the world long enough to understand the references. Seems like a small thing but it isn’t.


I tried so hard to learn to sit and do nothing. To sit and watch television, to lay at the beach, to sit around talking. It was difficult and I’m still not very good at sitting still for long. I did have a few years where I was actually good at it. Although in hindsight that may have been due to stress and depression. That’s a story for a different time.


Back to scheduled time … I always felt guilty if I wasn’t doing something. I still do – makes it very difficult to paint my nails! I fear missing out on life. FOMO they call it nowadays.  I don’t’ want to miss the warm weather, the cold weather, the snowflakes, the giant droplets of rain to dance in,  the sky, the clouds shapes. I just want to do and play in every moment until I need a rest. All those moments that should be spent doing not resting. I’m now starting to think that’s because I grew up with my time scheduled. Taught to be busy. That idle hands cause idle minds which then begets trouble.


5 thoughts on “Idle hands idle minds”

  1. You had a horrible path; far harder than many of us could even imagine never mind encounter. But you aren’t the path, and you don’t need to apologise to anyone for the person you are.

    You don’t want to miss anything – hey that’s cool, you are an energy to be round.
    You aren’t a lazy, lie around and drift person – excellent, many of us value hard workers, it’s all about perspective.

    You are a survivor! And I wish you peace and joy xxx

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      1. Oh good! I rattle away here, and sometime wonder if I’m insulting half my audience and confusing the rest. I have a habit of biting off more than I can chew

        Onwards and upwards eh? I love that you stopped by, I’ve been following your posts. Xx

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  2. When are you going to put these together and start looking for a publisher for your book?! So much religious fundamentalism in the world these days., people can hugely learn from your experience…..

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    1. I keep having more thoughts and memories, realizations about it all. It’s like a never ending​ story at this point trying to get it all into ink. It looks like a badly organized word collage!


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